Image of Shakyamuni Buddha and two honourables

Chí tâm đảnh lễ Phật Thích Ca Mâu Ni, Ngài A Nan Tôn Giả và Ngài Ca Diếp Tôn Giả

With one mind I now prostrate: Namo Shakyamuni Buddha, Namo Ananda Noble, Namo Maha-Kasyapa Noble

Ananda was the son of Dronodana-raja (a younger brother of King Suddhodana). Ananda was a younger brother of Devadatta. He was known as Sundarananda or Beautiful Nanda, as he was born bringing happiness to all his kinsfolk, he was named Ananda. He was a cousin of Sakyamuni and one of the Buddha’s ten great disciples. In the second year of the Buddha’s ministry, Ananda entered the Sangha together with the other Sakya Nobles (Anuruddha, Devadatta, Bhaddiya, Bhagu, and Kimbala). When the Buddha was fifty-five years old, Venerable Ananda became his chief attendant (he was personal attendant to the Lord Buddha for more than twenty years).

Mahakasyapa—A Brahmin of Magadha who became a close disciple of the Buddha. He was renowned for his ascetic self-discipline and moral strictness. Thanks to the qualities right after the death of the Buddha, he was asked to reside at the First Council and to take over leadership of the Sangha. He was considered (reckoned) as the first of 28 Great Ancient Patriarchs Indian Zen. He was regarded as the First Patriarch from the story of the “transmission” of the Mind-seal when the Buddha held up a golden flower and Maha-Kasyapa smiled. Maha-Kasyapa is said to have become an Arhat after being with the Buddha for eight days. After his death he is reputed to have entrusted Ananda with leadership of the Order.

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